83rd Avenue Roadway Improvements

Project Detail

Northbound left turn movements at 83rd Avenue and Bell Road exceeded storage capacity resulting in long vehicle queues. Additionally, a study of the corridor (by others) indicated that rear end collisions were a concern. The project comprised of capacity improvements along 83rd Avenue including the installation of northbound right turn lanes along 83rd Avenue, median modifications to increase northbound dual-left-turn storage, and local drainage improvements.

The TRACE team provided a design that increased storage capacity in the left turn lanes by modifying the raised median and providing a drop left turn lane. A right turn lane was added to allow safer right turns, while simultaneously minimizing curb cuts at a second right turn lane due to the new pavement marking layout and median improvements. Traffic patterns during construction were also improved by minimizing trench cuts for a storm drain pipe connection.

Services provided by the team included topographic survey, utility coordination, final construction documents, roadway and pedestrian enhancements design, drainage analysis and design, landscape design, and incorporating artistic elements per P83 Entertainment District theming.

Location: Paradise Lane to Bell Road, Peoria, AZ
Owner: City of Peoria

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